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Common Gate Issues

Common Gate Issues
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Just like many other things that are automated, with an automatic gate, you may experience some common problems. Gate Repair Shoreline is familiar with most of these problems. You are less likely to experience problems with the functionality of your gate if it is properly installed from the beginning. There are quite a few issues that you may have because the gate was not installed efficiently.  Below, we have shared some common issues that homeowners face with the operation of their gate.

Top 10 Common Gate Issues

Gate Stops

Common Gate IssuesThis usually happens when the racking is loose and isn’t connected to the motor.  It has to connect to the output gear in order for it to continue moving along the track. A trained technician would be able to access this problem and get your gate moving again.

Post and Hinge Installation

If the post isn’t installed deep into the ground it could become unstable causing the gate to scrap along the ground, impeding the gate motor from doing its job. The gate post has to be able to support the weight of the gate in order for the motor to help it move with ease. The same is true of the hinges. They need to be installed properly and be strong enough for the gate, so it can move smoothly.

Bugs and Insects

If the control boxed isn’t properly sealed, bugs and insects can get in. When this happens it can create problems with the operation of your gate. Bugs and insects may create nests or webs that affect the parts that enable your gate to work.


Like the control box, if the gate operator isn’t properly sealed, moisture can cause your electronic components of your gate to malfunction. The circuit board should be kept free of condensation in order to avoid electrical issues, which can hamper movement.

Keep It Moving

The best way to ensure that your gate continues moving is to make sure you have regular maintenance performed. This means the problems mentioned above should be addressed by a trained professional so that you can keep things moving along as smoothly as possible. You wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced because your gate won’t work. You don’t have to, with a little forethought. Make sure you are scheduling routine maintenance so that you can avoid being stranded inside or outside of your home.

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